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This Wiki is dedicated to the archiving and documentation of details of the lore of the world of Aiga.

The Talthiniari Saga

The current name for my book series until I can think of one which fits better. No one will understand this name for a while which is why I'm considering changing it. However, the series/saga itself is the content which I will personally be putting up on here until the day when other people finally begin editing it. It is a series of what should be around eight books. It may be a book longer, or a book shorter, it really depends. Though I have not yet published these books, they will get published; trust me. It's not a matter of if, but when, and when they do, you can enjoy the splendour of the world that is Aiga. Until then, get yourself familiar with some of the elements of the world, but 'tis most likely you are looking at this if you are a friend or because someone sent it to you, or you accidentally stumbled across it. Regardless, you are here now, and you might want to consider browsing through this. It's more than likely going to be a better use of your time than whatever it was you were planning on doing anyhow.

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